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Greening the Workplace – Positive Effects of Plants in the Office

What if you could make a simple change in your office that helped your employees focus better and reduce stress? Our jobs may require us to be confined to an office setting with limited access to the outdoors, besides breaks and lunchtime. The addition of plants to your work space is an easy step you can take to promote overall well-being for yourself, coworkers, and the workplace environment.

Most of us are familiar with photosynthesis, the exchange process in which plants “breathe in” carbon dioxide and “breathe out” oxygen. Studies conducted by NASA have shown that plants breathe in other air particles as well – volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can include scary things like formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia that can cause serious health issues over long periods of exposure. But where do VOCs come from? VOCs in the office are emitted from the building materials (wood, glues, synthetic materials, carpets, etc.), office furniture, and even the computer you’re using to read this blog! Based upon the findings of these experiments, NASA concluded that having one plant per 100 square feet is adequate for efficient air purification. Cleaner air also promotes cognitive tasks such as concentration, focus and creativity, and it has physiological effects such as lowered blood pressure.

Calvert’s is a member of Green Plants for Green Buildings, a national non-profit that recognizes the health and aesthetic benefits made available by having plants in the workplace. Our design experts can create a custom look with unique containers and a variety of plant materials. Our plant technicians take the reins from there – providing weekly care so you don’t have to water, replace, or fuss with plants to keep them beautiful and flourishing. There are many plants that do well with limited natural light available in a typical office where only fluorescent lighting is used. In fact, most of the plants we keep in stock at Calvert’s function and thrive in low to moderate light settings. If what you’re after is something that requires minimal- to no-care, moss walls are a great solution for a signature lobby wall or alternative to traditional artwork.

Schedule a free consultation, and we will visit your space, analyze your needs and custom design plant arrangements to accompany the personality of your workspace and start your office on the path to better wellness in the office place.

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