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Why Moss Walls? The Craze and Functionality

We have taken a LICHEN to moss! Moss walls are all the craze as their demand continues to grow, and we don’t want you to be left out. Moss walls can fit in any space as interesting and unexpected design element that requires no maintenance.

What is a moss wall? Moss walls are made from one of the world’s most ancient plant forms: a form of lichen called reindeer or caribou moss. Ideal for darks spaces, no natural sunlight is necessary. They bring artfully curated nature and a pop of fresh green into your office or home space without the obtrusion or maintenance of floor-plant arrangements. Moss absorbs air toxins such as lead, sulphur, and nitrogen, contaminates from vehicle exhausts and incineration. Not only will your moss wall look fabulous, but it will provide your space with healthy, clean air!

Calvert’s plant specialists will custom design a moss wall to fit your unique space. As these arrangements can take on many different shapes, and the moss itself can be dyed virtually any color. Different types of moss and faux plants can be added to create your perfect image. Think of it more as choosing a new couch; your choices of colors, shapes, and styles are boundless!

On average, Calvert’s moss walls are less expensive than green living walls, as they require zero maintenance or watering. All that you need to do it enjoy them! However, we do recommend scheduling an annual “tune-up” with our plant specialists who will check the security of your moss structure, reinforce loose pieces, clean the moss, and apply a new layer of preservative to keep your wall looking fresh.

Moss walls offer opportunities for creativity to fit the style of your space, health benefits, are both alluring and functional, and will save you money over time! Wow, what’s not to like?

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